Record Highs and Lows in TWSE

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1. Production time: Generated at 16: 40 (GMT+8)every trading day
2. Data content:
Stock code|stock name|stock English name|close price of the day|close price of a week ago|week rise and fall value|week rise and fall|date range|closed price one month ago|month rise and fall value|month rise and fall|one season ago Closing price|season ups and downs|season ups and downs|closed half-yearly closing price|half-year rise and fall value|half-year rise and fall|year-old closing price|annual ups and downs|annual rise and fall
3. Product file:
new high/low weekly, new high/low monthly, new high/low quarterly, new high/low semi-yearly, new high/low yearly
4. Formats: TEXT, CSV

The data content is the day of the transaction, such as the new high/new low weekly, the new high/new low monthly, the new high/new low quarterly, the new high/new low semi-yearly and the new high/new low yearly.

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