About Us

Welcome to the Data E-Shop of the Taiwan Stock Exchange (The TWSE). The TWSE provides a way for you to obtain the trading data more easily, establishes the Data E-Shop, uses new technology and advanced equipment to store and add value to the trading data, and invests a lot of money in the system development, consolidation and maintenance. After the calculation, the trading data becomes a legible and structured product, which makes it easier for you to use.

The TWSE provides individualized and customized services for trading materials, allowing you to quickly find the products that best suit your needs through content explanation and sample files of End-of-Day Information, Index Information, Daily Trading Report and Historical Trading Materials to order by on-demand proceeding with Value-added services, market participation or academic research.

In addition, the Data E-Shop uses a responsive (RWD) Website design, so whether you use a mobile phone, tablet device, or browsers such as iOS Safari or Android Chrome, you can automatically adjust the content of the Web page, so that you can browse to purchase goods easily.

In order to provide more diverse services in finance, the Data E-Shop provides flexible payment methods such as online payment for chip financial card, ATM transfer, credit card, Apple Pay, etc., so you can easily pay anywhere, anytime.

From now on, Data E-Shop has added [Taiwan Index (TIP) Data Service] to provide Taiwan Index Plus’s indices constituents and corporat actions data, value-added index information, etc. Taiwan Index Plus (TIP) is a 100% wholly-owned subsidiary of the TWSE established in 2016. TIP is a professional index company to provide Index Investing and Information Services.

Nowadays, TIP has compiled 100+ indices with diverse types, and their linked products and applications are growing that respond to the strong market demand in Taiwan. TIP is also committed to developing various information services. To broese and purchase TIP’s the information products, please refer to the [Taiwan Index (TIP) Data Service].

Thank you for your support and wish you a happy browsing.