The Most Active Stocks and Details of Securities Trade

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1.Generated at 15:00 on each trading day (excluding Block Trading ) and 17:10(GMT+8) to generate Block Trading data files once.
2.Data content: Stock Code|Securities Code|Shares of Bid|Shares of Ask|Amount of Bid|Amount of Ask|Number of Bid|Number of Ask
3.Product file:TWTADU、TOP1.ZIP

Description of the content:
(1)Most active stocks are sorted by total purchase turnover
(2)The types and details of the securities included in the most active stocks are all securities that have been traded on the day of the transaction.
(3)This entry and exit form does not include propriatory transaction data, and the remaining brokers that have not been closed are included in the total, and the total information includes the summary of the total branch.
(4)Total data includes general trading, after-hours pricing trading, and odd-lot trading

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