1. Do I need to register ahead as a member to subscribe for data products in initial order?

    Initially, you do not need to register as a member, just following the instructions below to subscribe for our data products. It’s simple.
    First, pick data files from the list of products, and tick “the way of delivery”, “usage and price”, and “the period of subscription”, and then “put them into cart”.
    Second, as you are a new subscriber, to complete subscription and registration procedures, please click “New customer checkouts with registeration”, fill out “order information” and confirm payment.

  2. How to change member profile and password?

    Please click “sign up/sign in” button to enter, and then click “member profile” to edit your profile (including Email, name, contact number, etc.) and password.

  3. How do I do if forgotten password?

    Please click “sign up/sign in” button to enter, and then click “Forgot Password” in the field of “sign in” and then Data E-Shop will send you details on how to reset your password.

  4. May I know the data content and format before subscription?

    Yes, for all the data products we provided, you can preview the relevant data information including Product details, Start Date, Period, Unit of subscription, and Sample Data on each product’s webpage.

  5. May I subscribe to end of day data which are the day before today?

    Data E-Shop provides online subscription service with period of subscription no longer than half a year from today. If older data is needed, please contact us at 886-2-8101-3494,886-2-8101-3381 or dataeshop@twse.com.tw. We will be happy to help you.

  6. How do I know the status of my order?

    Data E-Shop will disclose the successful messages on the webpage as well as send out notification via E-mail, once the order succeeded.

  7. When will I start downloading data after subscription?

    After checking out, you will get the data per your subscription. In addition, you subscribed data via email you provided.

  8. How to make payment for the data I subscribed in the Dataeshop?

    We accept several ways of payment including credit card, ATM, remittance, mobile pay (Apple Pay), elaborating as below.

    1. Credit
      1. The website only accept payment by Visa, MasterCard, and JCB issued by local banks in Taiwan at the moment.
      2. You will receive an Email notifying payment successful if payment being accepted.
      3. In the process of credit card transaction, please wait for completion and do not do anything, otherwise it will be failed.
    2. ATM or remittance
      1. You will receive remittance notification once subscription is done.
      2. You can also check the order information in the member area.
      3. Each order has a dedicated remittance account, please do not reuse.
      4. The transfer payment period is not affected by the holiday. For holidays and national holidays, payment can be made.
      5. Please complete the payment within 7 days after ordering. If the payment is not completed within the time limit, the order will be automatically invalid.
      6. After the payment is completed, the system will issue a “Payment Success Notification Letter”. The notification letter may be put in the spam box. Please pay attention to it.
    3. Apple Pay
      1. Please register your credit card information in your Apple Wallet APP before choosing to pay by Apple Pay.
      2. When you choose to pay by Apple Pay, the screen will be moved to the payment page of Apple Pay. Please follow the Apple Pay page to guide the payment.
  9. How do I do in case of cancelling order after completing subscription?

    Please sign in and then click “Orders” in “Member Profile” to cancel before remittance or transferring.

  10. How to subscribe if the data I needed are not in the list of products in the Data e shop?

    Please call 886-2-8101-3494,886-2-8101-3381 or E-mail to dataeshop@twse.com.tw. We will be happy to help you.

  11. Can I easily use cell phone or Pad to subscribe?

    In line with the trend of mobile Internet, the website adopts the newest technology of webpage design to let subscribers to easily subscribe for data products by PC, PAD, or Cell Phone.

  12. How to get in touch with customer service staff

    Please call 886-2-8101-3494,886-2-8101-3381 or E-mail to dataeshop@twse.com.tw. We will be happy to help you.