Terms of use

  1. Cognition and consent:
    The Taiwan Stock Exchange Corporation ("TWSE") administers the services of the Data E-Shop under the terms of use (the "Terms"). You are deemed to have read, understood and agreed to accept every clause of the Terms by continuing to use the services of the Data E-Shop (including but not limited to membership registration, subscribing, payment, or receipt of products, at any earliest time).
  2. The links to third-party website:
    The Data E-Shop provides the services of the links of relevant institutions to help you to access investment and research information quickly. Therefore, you may link to websites operated by other institutions. The websites operated by other institutions are the responsibility of each of the institutions and are not under the control and responsibility of TWSE. You shall self-assess and be responsible for the consequences of using the links. TWSE shall not be liable for any damages or loss.
    TWSE is the legal registration and owner of the website of online information store of TWSE, and has been certified by the Taiwan-CA Inc., which enable secure communications between you and Data E-Shop.
  3. The member account and password:
    You must be an adult to register as a member and apply related member services in the Data E-Shop, including but not limited to subscribe products, inquiring orders or subscription records, and downloading subscribed products. The account information (the information provided when registered as a member of the Data E-Shop and the updated data after registration) must be up to date, complete, accurate and authentic.
    You will receive a Notification of New User Registration mail from Data E-Shop after completing the membership registration process. TWSE has right to delete the account if you do not activate your account. TWSE reserves the right to admit or decline your registration after you complete the membership registration process and activate your account.
    TWSE may manage, delete your account and password because of policy change, regulations amendment or your application and notify you through email. If you have not expressed objection to TWSE within 3 business days according to the designated method by TWSE, it shall be deemed to agree to be processed in the method defined by TWSE.
    The member profile, accounts and passwords that you fill in the Data E-Shop shall keep and maintain carefully. All enter the Data E-Shop through your accounts and passwords are considered as the behavior of the account and password holder. You shall report TWSE promptly and assist with TWSE to take relevant remedy measures when someone else uses your account and password, and you shall be responsible for the damage or loss of TWSE.
  4. System interruption or malfunction:
    Interruptions or malfunctions may seldom experience by the Data E-Shops, which may result in inconvenience, loss of data, errors or other failures. You should take protective measures when using the Data E-Shop. TWSE shall not be responsible for any damages or loss caused by your use (or the disability to use) of the Data E-Shop based on the internet online subscription terms.
  5. Service changes:
    TWSE may modify, suspend or terminate all or partial services of the Data E-Shop at any time without any liability.
    TWSE may utilize appropriate manner, including but not limited to posting on the website of the Data E-Shop, email, or other means to inform the subscriber. If you receive the notification by the method mentioned above, you shall be deemed to agree on the change of the service of TWSE.
  6. Download software or data:
    Download the software or data from the Data E-Shop by any method (including but not limited to automation devices, scripts, automatic programs, spider programs, crawlers or retrieval programs) is forbidden except as approved methods by TWSE or the consent of TWSE. TWSE does not guarantee for any software or data you download using the Data E-Shop or the links in the Data E-Shop. You shall assess and judge the suitability, validity, correctness, completeness, and infringement of the others’ rights before the download to avoid loss (for example, damage to the computer system or loss of stored data). TWSE shall not be responsible for any damages or losses because of the issues above.
  7. Information or recommendation:
    Advanced encrypted secure transmission protects the online transactions of TWSE and your personal information. The industry-standard of encryption technology up to 256 bits to pre-encrypt data before transmission over the network to prevent the data above from intercepting and revealing.
    No guarantee of the correctness of the information or recommendation from TWSE that you obtained using the Data E-Shop or the links in the Data E-Shop. You shall assess the outcomes of using such information or recommendations and be accountable for, and TWSE shall not be responsible for any damages or loss.
  8. The protection of intellectual property rights:
    It is your commitment to the respect for intellectual property rights, the software, programs using in the Data E-Shop or all content on the website (including but not limited to works, pictures, files, information, materials, website architecture, website layout, web configuration, etc.), TWSE or the right owner owns the intellectual property rights above according to law. No one may use, modify, reproduce, publicly broadcast, alter, distribute, publish, publicly publish, perform reverse engineering, decompile, or disassemble unless he/her has acquired prior written consent from TWSE or the right owner. If you would like to quote or reproduce the contents of the Data E-Shop, please clearly designate the source of the data appropriately and guarantee the integrity of the information.
  9. Disclaimer:
    The purpose of the Data E-Shop is to provide you with the information you require and the best service as the reference for your investment, research, etc., TWSE shall not be responsible for any damage or loss caused by any incorrect or imperfection of information. It should be your consideration and risk whether you use the Data E-Shop to download or retrieve any data. You shall take all responsibility for any damage or loss of data in your computer system due to the download of any information.
  10. Delivery:
    The notification sent by TWSE based on the information you input or the method agreed in the Terms is effective. In case of any dispute, the record retained by TWSE shall prevail.
  11. Amendment clause:
    TWSE is entitled to amend the contents of the Terms at any time. If you continue to use the Data E-Shop after any amendment or change, you are deemed to have read, understood and agreed to accept the amendment or change.
  12. Governing Law and Jurisdiction:
    The Terms shall be governed by and construed under the laws of the Republic of China. If a court of competent jurisdiction or other competent authorities holds that any provision of the Terms is invalid or unenforceable, the remaining portions will remain in full force and effect. Both parties shall settle any dispute arising from the Terms based on the good faith. If there is a requirement of litigation, both parties agree to use the Taiwan Taipei District Court as the court of competent jurisdiction for the first instance.
  13. Language:
    The Terms is prepared in both Chinese and English languages. In the event of any discrepancy between the Chinese and English versions, the Chinese version shall prevail.