The format of Daily Quotes will be changed on April 29,2019.

本次主要異動為/Main changes of file are as follows.
1. 傳輸代碼Data Code:A,新增(T06)add(T62):
1.1成交總金額(指數投資證券)Total Value(ETN);
1.2成交總股數(指數投資證券)Total Volume by Shares(ETN);
1.3成交總筆數(指數投資證券)Total Transactions(ETN)
2. 本年度新增指數均另列於指數行情資料The new index will list on another file “Index Summary”, 相關格式請參file format refer to A05+ (IGU)

Please make sure the change all right before the deadline.
期間如有疑義或需測試資料者,請來信0283@twse.com.tw 或1297@twse.com.tw
Should you have any question or need test files, please email 0283@twse.com.tw or 1297@twse.com.tw.