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1.Production time:The ups and downs are generated once at 22:30 (GMT+8)on each trading day.
2.Data content:Code|Limit Up|Opening Reference Price| Limit Down|Last Trading Day|Trading Method|Disposition Securities Mark|Attention Securities Mark|Limit Order Mark|Industry Category Code|Security Category Code|Allow Short Sales When Price Under Opening Reference Price Mark|Name|Matching Interval(min)|Singal Order Volume Limit(Shares)|Multiple Order Volume Limit(Shares)|Advance Collection Percentage(%)|Allow SBL Short Sales When Price Under Opening Price Mark|Par Value Mark|Allow Day Trade Mark
3.Product file:T97

(1)Sort by stock code
(2)In order to respond to the new measures of reversing the securities on the day of buying and selling the current shares, add the existing "Daily Rise and Fall Range" to the new field to buy and sell the current shares.

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