TAIEX Finance Sub-index Constituents

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1.Production time:Produced at 18:30 and 22:30 (GMT+8)on each trading day. 18:30 is the reference version, which means that the reference indicator data is still allowed to change, 22:30 is the final version, the data content will not be changed.
2.Data content: Security Code| Security Name| Industry| Closing Price| Shares in Issue| Opening Reference Price| Market Capitalization| % Weight in Index
3.Product file:
Index Constituents File: TWT76U1(18:30), TWT76UE1(18:30), TWT76U(22:30), TWT76UE(22:30)
Tracking File: TWTA2U_FIN.CSV(18:30), TWTA3U_FIN.CSV(22:30)
4.When Closing Price is 0, please refer to Opening Reference Price.

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